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A cold day to be going out dealing with birds, had to look out my long johns. Starlings have been keeping a lady up and giving her the heeby jeebies. Also trying to stop pigeons getting in to a girder above a canopy. Starlings and pigeons can be messy things, they can also be the cause of insects in the homes.

If you have a bird problem, do not hesitate to contact Aberkil

01224 692152

Just looked at the weather for next week and it is not looking good as snow is on the horizon. No doubt the calls will be coming in as the mice will be trying to get out of the cold, looking for food and shelter, poor things. Mice look cute don’t they, however they cost thousands of pounds in damage each year.
One of the first steps is to keep them out by fitting mesh and sealing any broken holes in walls etc. look for any gaps under doors and fit bristle strip on them. an area that people are surprised to find mice is in the attic, so do not put selection boxes up there for Santa to collect.

Aberkil provide a three step process to control mice in your property.

1 We install a fast acting rodenticide for rapid elimination of mice
2. We inspect the bait within seven days and change the rodenticide to another formulation
3. We return to uplift the bait and check to see if all is in order.

If you have mice in Aberdeen please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01224 692152

Aberkil is dedicated to using the minimum amount of pesticides in the business and  as part of our further commitment in reducing our carbon emissions,  we have just taken possession if an electric bike.
Look out for us on the road.

Battling Seagulls

Aberkil have been busy fighting the ongoing battle against the Seagulls in Aberdeen. I am please to report that there are some buildings no longer bothered with with the bird thanks to the new gel we have applied. The birds think that the gel is emitting fire and they do not wish to land in the area.

Seagulls have always been a problem in Aberdeen and will probably always will be. The problem is that the birds can find food very easily here in Aberdeen.

Seagulls are protected

I am surprised at times when people do not believe me when I tell them that Seagulls  are protected. there are three reasons that birds can be taken

1. Aircraft safety

2. Crop protection

3. Public health

Seagulls licence

A licence is required when dealing with birds and there are also birds where special permission is required before anything can be done about them. It is the policy of Aberkil to deal with birds in a humane manner at all times and we will look at all ways to remove Seagulls and birds before considering elimination.