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Controlling bees can be a bit controversial, some people think that they are protected, however if you look on Scottish Natural Heritages website you will find that they are not on the list of protected species. At aberkil we will not necessary destroy bees if they can be saved.

If you have a live honey bee swarm that lands on your back garden, what I would suggest is to wait to see if they move on, you may also wish to contact a local bee keeper, the Police may have a list of keepers. We have one such bee keeper that we deal with.

Should you have honey bees gaining entry to your house , then this would be a different matter. The bees like to go down chimneys and usually they can enter in to your living room etc, this can be scary for most people.

When we deal with bees we have to stick to a strict code of conduct, one unfortunate pest controller ended up with a £4000 fine from the HSE. It is probably for this reason that many pest control companies no longer deal with bee work.
This can be very distressing for the public who are having an Alfred Hitchcock moment and no one to help them and believe me I have seen them in very distressed states. some of those people then decide to try their own methods of control such as blocking the bee’s entry point, this not a wise move as you will trap the creatures in your home, some try to smoke them out, fire and homes are not a good combination and even hot water has been mentioned, this would result in wet scalded angry bees.

The good news is Aberkil will provide a service to control bees
using a method that will not infringe the code of conduct.

Call 01224 692152 for help with any pest problem.

Wasps are coming in to my house, this is the words that I am hearing over the past few days. The wasps are just starting to build their nests at the moment, it can be hard for me to find them at this time of year, sometimes wasps are dis orientated when they come back to their home and end up in the wrong house.

If this is happening to you, I suggest that you walk around your house and look for wasps entering under slates, around pipes and any other possible entry point. If the wasps are entering the same point on a regular basis, you then may have established that there is a nest in your home. To confirm this, have a look at adjacent properties at the same point of access, who ever has the busiest wasp sightings I would suggest that this would be the true nest,

If you have a wasp nest be sure to call Aberkil on

01224 692152