Pigeon problems under solar panels

Pigeons under solar panels

Problem solved denying pigeons access under the solar panels.

Over the last few years, a relatively new problem has reared it’s ugly head in the pest control industry. Business and residential properties with roof-mounted solar panels are finding that our ubiquitous avian friends Columba domestica, (that’s pigeons to you and me), are moving in en masse! Put your hand under some solar panels and you immediately understand the attraction of these locations for the pigeons; it’s considerably warmer, drier and far less windy. There are plenty electric cables and panel supports for the home-building pigeon to cunningly integrate his building materials into, resulting in a nest location that is a cut above the usual pigeon nest. The problems that can quickly manifest from nesting under solar panels can quickly spiral into a real quality-of-life issues, not to mention actual damage and mess. We all know that a certain substance ‘rolls downhill’ and pigeon guano is no exception. On an average suburban house with a set of solar panels, just 4 birds is more than enough to create enough guano to fill and block gutters to the rim in a few months. I’ve seen gutters that are absolutely full from end to end, rendering them practically useless.

The fouling isn’t confined to the roof either, front gardens, conservatories and back patios are under relentless bombardment, leaving you fed up with constant cleaning or an ever-growing canvas of splatters. The mess doesn’t wash away in the rain either, it ends up like compost with weeds and grasses growing fantastically well in a super-charged fertilised environment with in-built water supply! Of course weeds etc have many roots which only function to hold it together all the more strongly. In no time you can have an unsightly and unplanned roof-garden and a non-functioning gutter system. It’s actually no laughing matter if you have to go up a ladder and regularly clean all this mess out, especially when you consider that falls are the leading cause of accidental injury and death in the home. Anything that needlessly increases the requirement to climb ladders around the home, is simply unacceptable. Pigeon guano is quite acidic, enough to affect the paint job on a car, so what might that be doing to the electrics under that solar panels? Another issue people might not readily understand is the fact that a bird’s nest is quite a dirty, bacteria-filled mess. Any young that do not survive will just remain where they are, in or around a nest, becoming a concentrated point of germs. Birds’ nests often have insect infestations, such as poultry mites, and these insects can migrate into the home.

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