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Picture This…

You’re outside and it’s freezing cold in the dark depths of Winter. Desperate to find some warmth and to fill your hungry stomach, you smell the lovely aroma of fresh bread in the air. Your nose leads you toward the source of that mouth-watering smell and you look up at a huge edifice, sure in the knowledge that inside on the other side of this wall, there is food to satisfy your belly, and warmth for you to rest in and curl up somewhere to sleep. You search left and right, looking for a door to get in through, you round the corner and find a huge rectangle of regularly spaced plastic beams with gaps between them. Alas! You can’t fit through the gaps. Onwards you tread, fearing you might not make it inside and will have to  struggle to stay alive out in this bitter cold. Onwards you plod and soon find another large rectangle of plastic beams, and hey! Hallelujah! One of the beams is broken, a section completely broken off and lost to time. Up you climb, pulling yourself into a dark but immediately warmer void. There is light in the distance piercing the dark, dark corridor. Now you smell many nice foods and making your way along to where the light is, you then tip-toe up for a careful peak of what is inside this mysterious but irresistible place of wonder!

But Really It Was…

What might be a series of events that begin a growing problem in your home that for many people is seriously distressing! A huge proportion of adults – male and female – have an innate dislike of mice (and rats), often bordering on phobia for many of them. And, despite being such a tiny animal that doesn’t present an immediate physical threat such as that from lions, snakes,crocodiles and the like, I have personally been in the company of middle-aged people who will freely admit that they belong to that interesting and quirky category of people who literally will stand on a

Image of a wasp

Keep Away From Wasps

Pest Control: Wasps

When summer starts to approach you can tell the weather is getting better by the appearance of wasps. Generally speaking it is only common and German wasps that make a real pain of themselves. Most of the time a wasp won’t cause too much of a nuisance if it is on its own, but you probably won’t want a nest anywhere near (or in!) your home. Unlike bees wasps can sting numerous times and they will attack as a group if they feel threatened.

A Look At Wasps

– Yellow and black striped body
– Generally between 12 and 177mm long
– Have nests under roof spaces and wall cavities where they are less likely to be disturbed
– Mostly seen during warm summer months

Wasps and Control

Here at Aberkil we offer an extensive wasp control service, because dealing with wasps nests are something that should only be done by a professional. A wasp nest might look relatively safe but it probably is house to thousands of wasps and they’re going to be very angry if you disturb them. Our team will come with all the safety equipment needed to get rid of the wasp nest that is causing you so much bother, so the whole process is risk free for you.

We know that if you have a wasp problem in Aberdeen you’ll want someone to come out quickly and deal with it for you – so we promise to get to you in a timely manner to deal with your problem.

Do I Have a wasp Problem?

If you think that you have a wasps nest in your property, then you should try and carefully check to make sure this is the case. Enter the area carefully and look out for a cocoon type of nest. It will have papery walls and look quite thin and fragile. You’ll more than likely see wasps coming and going from this and it could get as large as a football if not treated.

It is important that you do not try to remove the nest yourself because this could result in numerous wasp stings which are going to be nothing but uncomfortable. It is also worth bearing in mind that around 1,000 people a year die of wasp stings so choose the safe option for wasp removal in Aberdeen and call Aberkil rather than take the risk.

CALL the wasp hotline  on  01224 692152   Now   

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Over the years I have had the dilemma of should I or should I not have the name on the van.

The domestic customers are usually the ones who ask if the van has the name on the side of the vehicle and this could be the difference between getting the job or not.Therefore I invested in magnetic signs and have the best of both worlds.

I would also like to point out that when you see a pesties van outside a food premises you should not automatically think of it as a negative as most of our day is spent on prevention being better than cure.

I would be interested in your views on this subject.