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Wasp Control Aberdeen

We provide a fast, professional service for wasp control throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Research has shown that approx 1000 people die each year in the UK due to wasp stings. Queen wasps emerge from hibernation in the early spring and find a suitable nesting site. The nest is made from pieces of wood mashed up to make a wafer thin paper like material. Cells are made to lay eggs which will turn in to grubs, which in turn will provide workers wasps for the nest.

The average nest will have produced approximately 2000 wasps. At the end of the season wasps can cause problems for people as the adult wasps fight for survival, the larvae had been providing the worker wasps with carbohydrate.This is why you will see them around bins etc, looking for sugar rich food.

Although there are many products on the market for dealing with wasp control, here at Aberkil we really think it should be a job left to the experts for wasp nest removal. As you can see from the picture when we carry out wasp control we wear the following:

Protective coverall

Dust mask


Bee keepers helmet

Wasp Control Aberdeen: Strange Places

Wasps can be found in some strange areas such as curtains, compost bins,telephone boxes and even motorcycle helmets.

The most common place to find wasps is in the roofs of houses,vents, sheds and trees.

Guaranteed Elimination for domestic homes, commercial and industrial premises. Often known as the waspman or wasp whisperer you can be sure of calling one of the leading experts in the field of wasp control.

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