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Unfortunately I read each year that someone has died due to being stung by a wasp. The Sun newspaper reports today that Katrina Heaton could have died if a Doctor had not been passing by the area. Katrina had been carrying an EpiPen but was in a remote location and went in to shock, she was rushed to hospital and her life was saved.

At Aberkil we get a couple of calls a season with the caller pleading with us to get round to their property as quick as possible as they are allergic to wasp stings, if we can we make this a priority call out in order to eradicate the nest.

Do not under estimate the danger of  a sting, many people find out the hard way and this is usually caused by trying to tackle the nest themselves.

The photograph shows the protection that an Aberkil operator would wear when tackling a wasp infestation.

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