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A bug in the system

A bug in the system

I was speaking to my friend Jai Aenugu of the Techforce ltd about the origin of the phrase there is a bug in the system, in the early days of computing a moth got in to the inside of a computer and caused it to malfunction hence we still use the saying now.

Jai is very much in to the protection business as  his job is all about prevention of virus bugs getting in to computer systems to prevent disasters occurring . We have a similar theme and that is one of prevention as on our commercial contracts most of our time is monitoring and advising clients on how not to get pests in the first place. Jai is forever banging on about protecting against viruses and encourages people to install and update their software, however some of them do not listen and they frantically call him when a problem has occurred and in pest control we are the same, we encourage restaurants and food establishments to have a pest control contract.

What usually happens is that we get that frantic phone call too asking to get a visit to their premises as they have had a visit from the local environmental Health Officer and they have discovered a bug in the system and I mean real bugs such as beetles and cockroaches.

I would encourage you to be protected whether it is a computer or a food premises and not to let a bug in to your system.



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