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Summer is a Pest

People  are always interested to learn about the type of pests that I deal with during the summer.The wasp calls start to come in around April, usually the nest is very small at this stage, about the size of a golf ball on average. At the end of the season they are the size of a football, this is the time of year that they can be very aggressive and are best left for a pest controller to deal with.

Wasp Pest

The wasp calls started to come in April, at this stage they are the size of a golf ball and by the end of the season they can be bigger than a football. The wasps can be aggressive at the end of the season as they are fighting for survival so keep well away.

I always get a laugh at how people try to treat wasp themselves, like blocking up the entry hole, not a good remedy as the wasps may come in to the house. One chap sprays a hair lacquer then uses a lighter, dangerous or what. Then there are those who phone me up and ask for advice , then tell me that their husband is going to try it himself.I  have a little snigger to myself when they call me back the next day and ask me to come round and deal with the wasp nest as their husband has been stung. I cannot help myself when I meet the husband by saying things like ” sore isn’t it”

Pest Maggots

The call comes in,” Help we have maggots dripping through the roof “. this usually causes pandemonium, people running out of the office never to return. The main culprit for this pest in Aberdeen is the Seagull, a dead one to be precise. Once the maggots devour the flesh of the bird they crawl off in order to find a place to pupate. Removal of the bird and a spray treatment of the building will sort this problem out.

Oh well,I hope your summer has been as interesting


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