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The phone rang today with regards to bedbugs and since the summer holidays are coming I thought that I would remind about the importance of checking your accommodation wherever you go in the world. Hotels etc are very much aware of the situation regarding bedbugs and will check for them, however accommodation can be  infested very quickly with new guest coming and going. Below are some tips before going on your travels:

  1. Seal your suitcase with suitable materiel, you can get this done at an airport if you wish.
  2. On arrival in your room do not unpack
  3. Pull back the sheets and look for fecal marks on ridge of mattress
  4. Check the bedhead again look for any fecal marks or insects
  5. If you do see anything, report it immediately
  6. If you are happy enough unpack and seal your suitcase once more
  7. Enjoy your holiday

Let’s face nobody likes to talk about this subject, however  over the years I have met many people who have had an added extra to their holiday when they come home. Here is a link to let you know what we are up against.

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