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Bedbug Removal in Aberdeen

Aberkil pest control solutions Aberdeen
  • Really great service from Peter and Andy – highly recommend.


    I have used Aberkil twice and both times they responded quickly, which is essential when you have a pest problem. Each time they described clearly what the problem was and… read more

    Danielle Edwards

    Excellent service. Arrived early morning, thoroughly checked the entire house including loft and eaves spaces to see where pests had been. Checked for any points outside property where small creatures… read more

    Sally Dodd
  • Contacted Aberkil after getting a quote from a national competitor. Their quote was much more reasonable, very quick response time and staff were very professional and knowledgeable. Would not hesitate… read more

    Paul D

    Aberkil were quick to come out and inspect the house when we had problems with mice. They gave us a list of things to do that would stop them getting… read more

    Kevin Rafferty

    We have used Aberkil a few times now over the years and they always respond very quickly and deal with the issue effectively, highly recommend a great service, lovely people… read more

    Lesley Crerar
  • Good job and peace of mind

    Emily Jayne Bryson

    Called as we had some rodents moving about. Very responsive, visit arranged without delay, turned up on time and highlighted deficiencies. Examined loft and underfloor, identified mice, explain solutions and… read more

    Adrian Pitt

    Prompt response to my call. Men were polite, removed their footwear when entering the house, asked about the problem, explained the habits of wasps, checked around the house… read more

    Colin G. Taylor
  • The service provided by aberkill was excellent. They were prompt, professional & friendly. The servicehand was great in explaining to us what the process would be and gave us helpful… read more

    Andy turnbull

Are you a sleepless night stressed about bed bugs and waking with bites?

Look no further for effective and fast bed bug removal services.

We will rid your home or commercial property of bedbugs quickly and efficiently.

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Why Choose Aberkil for Bedbug Control?

Expertise: Benefit from our wealth of experience! We are seasoned professionals in the field of pest control. Our team are well-equipped to handle bedbug infestations in diverse environments, ensuring effective results every time.

Advanced Techniques: At Aberkil, we stay at the forefront of pest control technology. Utilising the latest innovations, including steaming and eco-friendly solutions, we guarantee thorough eradication of bedbugs, leaving no corner unchecked.

Tailored Solutions: Recognising the unique challenges posed by each infestation, we offer personalised solutions crafted to suit the specific requirements of our clients. Whether you operate a small household or a large-scale commercial establishment, Aberkil has the expertise to address your needs effectively.

Professional Approach: We understand the importance of maintaining a professional environment, especially in commercial settings. Our team conducts all operations with the utmost discretion and professionalism, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Comprehensive Aftercare: Our commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond the completion of treatment. With our comprehensive aftercare options, we provide ongoing support to prevent future infestations and maintain a pest-free environment for the long term.

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Our Process:

Thorough Inspection: Our experienced technicians conduct a meticulous assessment of your property to determine the extent of the infestation and identify key areas requiring attention.

Customised Treatment: Based on our findings, we develop a tailored treatment plan utilising a combination of advanced techniques to eradicate bedbugs effectively while minimising inconvenience to you or your business.

Detailed Aftercare Guidance: Following treatment, we provide you with comprehensive instructions on preventive measures and offer ongoing support to ensure continued protection against bedbugs.

Aberkil Trusted By Many

Secure Your Property from Bedbug Intrusions

Partner with Aberkil today and experience unparalleled expertise in modern bedbug control. Safeguard your home or business with our reliable solutions, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind and a pest-free environment.

Contact us to schedule your consultation.

Choose Aberkil for Professional Bedbug Control

With Aberkil, you can trust in our professionalism and dedication to delivering exceptional results for both residential and commercial clients. Say goodbye to bedbug infestations and hello to a clean, pest-free environment.

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