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I think I have Bedbugs

These are words that I have heard many times over the years, “I think I have bedbugs” , the majority of the time they surprised to hear that they do not have them. Once ┬áhave interrogated them about the size of the supposed bites, if they have seen insects or blood on the sheets, if they answer no to all of these questions, the chances are is that they do not have bedbugs.

Once I have established that you have bedbugs, you then have a bit of work ahead of you. In order to gain control of the bedbug situation, you need to do the following:

Strip the beds

Wash all sheets etc at 60 degrees

Empty all cupboards and drawers etc

Once you have done this we will come in and vacuum all the bedding and cracks and crevices etc

We will then apply a professional insecticide to bedbug harbourages and walking surfaces. dust will also be used n some circumstances.

Aberkil will make another treatment a few weeks after with an alternative insecticide in case of resistance.

A bedbug treatment is usually successful after a 6 week period. Most of the insects will be eliminated after the initial treatment.

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