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We think we have a bedbug

The voice is usually shaky and strained as I answer the call,”we think we have bedbugs” they say, nine times out of ten they have guessed correctly. like a doctor I start questioning the poor victim,” where are  the bites, is there blood on the sheets, have you seen the bedbug?

I try to be gentle when I inform them that they have one of the worlds worst insects in their property THE BEDBUG,I then put on my detective’s  hat and begin the interrogation, “where have you been recently,where have the other occupants been,did you stay in a hotel, were you abroad, how long have you known about this etc etc”.

I inform the victim that all the bedding and clothing needs to be washed at a high temperature and bagged, all wardrobes,bookcases,shelves and  cabinets need to be emptied.Paintings, mirrors and calenders need to come down. “What” they cry, this is what is essential in treating the dreaded bedbug.

Pre bedbug treatment

The first course of action will be to treat the affected areas with a legally approved insecticide that will have a killing agent and an insect growth agent in it’s formula.This will be injected and sprayed in to the bedbug hiding spots , hopefully finding all the protective areas of this blood sucker. Insecticidal Dust will be applied to hard to get cavity s and electrical ducting points.

A second treatment will be carried out using another type of insecticide and we will check for live and dead bedbugs, again all furniture needs to be emptied prior to this follow up.

During this period the client will be keeping a diary of bedbug bites, this should be reducing as time goes by.

Finally we can carry out the last treatment with yet another insecticide, this is done to combat any resistant strain of bedbug.

Post Bedbug Treatment

A chat with a relieved client to keep them up to date and how to be on their guard for the dreaded bedbug is the best outcome that we all hope for.

Bed with bedbug

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