Pest Control in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

68 Carden Pl, Aberdeen AB10 1UL

We are carrying out work on a retail canopy so that we can eventually say bye bye birdies, bye bye pigeons in fact. This job has been done in three stages because the client asked for an initial area to be done, they then moved to another area, this was then spiked too, You have guessed it, they then moved on to another part of the canopy.

I would suggest that if you are looking at bird control, you have to look at the bigger picture, pigeons will take advantage of any high level pipes etc for roosting. If birds are using the area for roosting purposes, they will be very persistent in trying to get back to the site. Spikes may not be the answer for every occasion, the gel that Aberkil that has been using has been very successful on ledges and alcoves.

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