Pest Control in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

68 Carden Pl, Aberdeen AB10 1UL

One of the main concerns of a customer when dealing with rodents, apart from their fear, is that they are usually worried about a smell after the rodent is deceased. I  inform them that in over twenty years of pest control, I can count on one hand the number of problems I have had to deal with.

A pest controller will check the property for any visual signs of a carcase, the majority of the time we will never see them again. Should there be a smell at a later date, we can return with a RODENT DEODORANT , which can come in a liquid or or a pre-impregnated sachet.

Anyway it is better to have the smell than the mouse or rat eating through your wires burning you out of house and home.

hungry mouse A hungry mouse      Killgerm©

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