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Covid19 & Pests

At the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic I was travelling home from a pest control exhibition in Harrogate on the train I was very lucky to get into an awkward seat near the luggage. I arrived home to Aberdeen on the 8th March, from then I decided to isolate and it was just as well. One of my friends who I meet in the pub every week had caught the virus and it nearly lost his life.

When the call came to carry out the lock-down I thought that it would be a problem and I would have to let my work force go and I was dreading it. Luckily enough we became very busy as we were allowed to go out as part of a Public Health service.

After a few days, we started to get calls for rats being seen in the garden and eventually the calls were to inform us that the rats were coming into the buildings both commercially and domestically.

Rats are opportunistic creatures, usually they come out when we are sleeping, if we see rats during the day that usually means there are three reasons for it:

  1. They are really hungry
  2. There are many of them
  3. You may have disturbed them

We were are able to respond and deal with the rats much to the relief of the clients. We carried out the work under the government guidelines on tradesmen entering houses.

We give our advice on how they were getting in to the building in the first place such as :

  1. Broken grills
  2. Gaps under doors
  3. food bins overflowing

Unfortunately, people are feeding birds which is understandable however this is one of the reasons rodents are making their way to houses and gardens. If you are feeding birds and you are experiencing rats in the garden I would suggest stopping feeding them until you are sure that the rodents have been eliminated.

Keep safe folks

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