Pest Control Pricing

A guide to pest control pricing.

Pest control pricing: Rodents

The technician has to take in to consideration the extent of the infestation in his pest control pricing. A rat or mouse infestation may need several visits.

Prices start from £85 plus Vat per visit, minimum 2 visits required and subject to survey.


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rat control aberdeen
Pest Control Pricing-Rats & Mice

Pest Control Pricing: Wasps

At Aberkil we have have to deal with wasps at various heights etc. We need to asses the situation for each nest.

Aberkil provides a Guaranteed wasp nest destruction.

Price from £83 plus VAT. Subject to survey

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Image of a wasp
Pest Control Pricing-Wasps

Pest Control Pricing: Insects

Aberkil deal with various types of insects. Cockroaches can be extremely difficult to eliminate and can take a few treatments to control the infestation. Bedbugs are notoriously clever insects and hide for up to a year without blood. There is a comprehensive method of treatment to achieve eradication. More bedbug info here.

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Pest Control-Moth Invasion!

Pest control pricing: Insects