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Pigeons under solar panels

The phone has been ringing lately regarding pigeons getting under solar panels, this can be a real problem as we had one lady where the company refused to come back and deal with a problem she was having with the panels, it was a catch 22, get rid of the birds and we will come back, she had no choice but to get us in to remove the pigeons and seal the panels.

Birds are very sheltered under the panels and this is an ideal area for them to breed. This can cause a lot of pigeon mess in the area and it may build causing a a smell and even insects to appear in the home. they may also damage any of the parts underneath the panels and invalidate the warranty.

So what can we do for you as pest controllers, the good news is that something can be done, Aberkil can mesh off the area to prevent access by the pigeons without any harm to the birds. If you need help to prevent pigeons getting under your solar panels just call


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