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Silverfish Call Out

I got a call to go out and deal with some silverfish today , it has been a very long time since I to eradicate this insect,in this type of industry it is funny where and when insects that you had almost forgotten about turn up.

Silverfish-what are they?

This was an insect that I used to deal with on a regular basis, they are found in older buildings, hospitals used to have a problem with them.Silverfish get their name because they move like a fish, I will never forget when I was once called out to a silverfish infestation,I could not believe it , there was loads of them and they literally were moving like a shoal of fish. Silverfish can case damage to fabrics and book bindings etc, not an insect you would want to have in a museum.

The female can lays about 50 eggs and once hatched they can live up to eight years, that is a lot of beasts.

Silverfish Solution

A residual spray treatment usually does the trick to remove the insect, however they can re-appear at a later date if the building is attached to a non treated building.









Do not worry the Silverfish will not bite you,they only eat the fabric around them.

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