Pest Control in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

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We are getting our kit ready here at Aberkil for the wasp season, that’s making sure the pumps are working and having a good supply of dust etc. The operators are getting their PPE ready which consists of head and face protection, gloves and beekeeper suit.
this made me search the internet to see what was happening in other areas of the country and according to the Express and Star firefighters were sent to a premises In Walsall to deal with a fire that had been caused by someone trying to smoke them out.

Over the years people have phoned and asked me how to get rid of wasps, after the call some decide that they are going to try to do the job for themselves and in their words “,I am going to smoke em out”. here is a thought, would your insurance cover you?, is it worth the risk for the sake of a few pounds.
Do not phone the fire brigade , phone us first.

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