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They look cute, however looks can be decieving
They look cute, however looks can be decieving

Squirrel control in Aberdeen

It is never too late, have you heard those words before? Recently, I received a call, “do you do squirrel control”, now let me tell you that this was my first call to deal with a squirrel.It was very important that I established what type of species I was up against.

The Red squirrel for instance is protected and must not be harmed in any way, the Grey on the other hand is regarded as a pest and if captured must be dispatched.

Squirrel damage

This particular had gained access to the roof space and caused considerable damage to the fabric of the building. I had read on pest control forums about the damage that they cause, however it has to bee seen to be believed. This cute looking beasty is working it’s way up North, with many being found in Glasgow and Edinburgh at the moment.

Methods of squirrel control

Aberkil preferred method of control is to set up a trapping program, this involves establishing cage trap or traps being placed in secure areas. The traps must be inspected daily, if a Red is caught it must be released immediately, if it is a Grey squirrel it must be dispatched in a humane way, it is illegal to let the Grey squirrel free.

There is also a special poison specifically for squirrel control.

Another method is to use snap type traps, however these can only really be used if you are sure there are no Reds in the area.

If you require squirrel control , do not hesitate to contact Aberkil on 01224 692152 

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