Pest Control in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

68 Carden Pl, Aberdeen AB10 1UL

Fast Elimination of Mice

Here at Aberkil we are investing in new type of traps for mice, the emphasis will be on providing a faster elimination of mice on your premises. We will still be providing a backup of using a fast acting rodenticide for mice too. I have found over the years that customers want rid of their mice and they want rid of their mice NOW.

Safe Elimination of Mice

Using our traditional methods used to be a slower process, this was due to health and safety aspects involved with laying poison for mice.For the eradication of mice we are using a fantastic new rodenticide that lowers the body temperature causing the rodent to fall asleep.

Control of Mice

Therefore if you wish to have your mice under control fast and efficiently, call Aberkil on 01224 692152 now.


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