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I was looking at my pest controller forum today and found that my colleagues in the south of England are receiving several wasp calls, one chap has had five calls already. Pest controllers always get excited at this time of year, we are like ice cream salesman who are forever checking the weather forecast worrying about rainy days.

If you are in your garden getting ready for the spring , I would suggest that you have a look around the gutters, vents and pipes for any wasp activity. if you see a wasp constantly going in to the same position, there is a strong possibility that a wasp is starting to build a nest.

What not to do with a wasp nest!!!
Do not fill the hole
Do not spray with hot water
Do not smoke them out with fire

All of the above will result in one angry wasp.

Should you have a wasp problem be sure to give Aberkil a call on

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