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I was reading some news last week about a wasp nest that decided to set up home on an instrument panel of a plane of all places, I just hope it was not in mid air at the time.

It reminded me me of some of the strange places I had seen wasp nests during my time in pest control. the first one I remember was a call out to the Royal Mail where a nest was inside the actual post box , seemingly the postman is still running. Another day we had a call to deal with a massive roll of cable that was going offshore, as soon as the crane moved it there was pandemonium as all the roughy toughy riggers ran for their lives.

My online pest control  friends have let me know of some of the strange places they have seen them, here is a small list:

Inside a curtain in an O.A.P Home

Toilet ceiling, that was in use

On bird netting

The last one that I will mention is an outdoor playhouse, this can be a very dangerous situation, unfortunately it is usually children who find them first. My advice to parents is to check the inside of these houses on a weekly basis, check all around the corners, roof and behind doors. You may choose to tackle this yourself using a spray or dust from a hardware store, however I would suggest using a local pest control service.

Please take care around wasp nests and treat them with respect as they can be nasty if you upset them.



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