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Keep Away From Wasps

Pest Control: Wasps

When summer starts to approach you can tell the weather is getting better by the appearance of wasps. Generally speaking it is only common and German wasps that make a real pain of themselves. Most of the time a wasp won’t cause too much of a nuisance if it is on its own, but you probably won’t want a nest anywhere near (or in!) your home. Unlike bees wasps can sting numerous times and they will attack as a group if they feel threatened.

A Look At Wasps

– Yellow and black striped body
– Generally between 12 and 177mm long
– Have nests under roof spaces and wall cavities where they are less likely to be disturbed
– Mostly seen during warm summer months

Wasps and Control

Here at Aberkil we offer an extensive wasp control service, because dealing with wasps nests are something that should only be done by a professional. A wasp nest might look relatively safe but it probably is house to thousands of wasps and they’re going to be very angry if you disturb them. Our team will come with all the safety equipment needed to get rid of the wasp nest that is causing you so much bother, so the whole process is risk free for you.

We know that if you have a wasp problem in Aberdeen you’ll want someone to come out quickly and deal with it for you – so we promise to get to you in a timely manner to deal with your problem.

Do I Have a wasp Problem?

If you think that you have a wasps nest in your property, then you should try and carefully check to make sure this is the case. Enter the area carefully and look out for a cocoon type of nest. It will have papery walls and look quite thin and fragile. You’ll more than likely see wasps coming and going from this and it could get as large as a football if not treated.

It is important that you do not try to remove the nest yourself because this could result in numerous wasp stings which are going to be nothing but uncomfortable. It is also worth bearing in mind that around 1,000 people a year die of wasp stings so choose the safe option for wasp removal in Aberdeen and call Aberkil rather than take the risk.

CALL the wasp hotline  on  01224 692152   Now   

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Aberkil has had a few calls lately from clients asking “how do we get rid of starlings from our house, they keep waking us up in the morning”. Well I can fully understand as I recently had to remove starlings from my own house.

STARLINGS are protected
All birds are protected, this is a fact that shocks people when I tell them, especially if they are about to use an air rifle on them. We are allowed to deal with birds under the General Licence obtained from Scottish Natural Heritage. Starlings are not on the licence except for airports, therefore we can only use proofing (sealing) techniques on houses.

If you have a bird problem call the number below

01224 692152


Silverfish Call Out

I got a call to go out and deal with some silverfish today , it has been a very long time since I to eradicate this insect,in this type of industry it is funny where and when insects that you had almost forgotten about turn up.

Silverfish-what are they?

This was an insect that I used to deal with on a regular basis, they are found in older buildings, hospitals used to have a problem with them.Silverfish get their name because they move like a fish, I will never forget when I was once called out to a silverfish infestation,I could not believe it , there was loads of them and they literally were moving like a shoal of fish. Silverfish can case damage to fabrics and book bindings etc, not an insect you would want to have in a museum.

The female can lays about 50 eggs and once hatched they can live up to eight years, that is a lot of beasts.

Silverfish Solution

A residual spray treatment usually does the trick to remove the insect, however they can re-appear at a later date if the building is attached to a non treated building.









Do not worry the Silverfish will not bite you,they only eat the fabric around them.

Summer is a Pest

People  are always interested to learn about the type of pests that I deal with during the summer.The wasp calls start to come in around April, usually the nest is very small at this stage, about the size of a golf ball on average. At the end of the season they are the size of a football, this is the time of year that they can be very aggressive and are best left for a pest controller to deal with.

Wasp Pest

The wasp calls started to come in April, at this stage they are the size of a golf ball and by the end of the season they can be bigger than a football. The wasps can be aggressive at the end of the season as they are fighting for survival so keep well away.

I always get a laugh at how people try to treat wasp themselves, like blocking up the entry hole, not a good remedy as the wasps may come in to the house. One chap sprays a hair lacquer then uses a lighter, dangerous or what. Then there are those who phone me up and ask for advice , then tell me that their husband is going to try it himself.I  have a little snigger to myself when they call me back the next day and ask me to come round and deal with the wasp nest as their husband has been stung. I cannot help myself when I meet the husband by saying things like ” sore isn’t it”

Pest Maggots

The call comes in,” Help we have maggots dripping through the roof “. this usually causes pandemonium, people running out of the office never to return. The main culprit for this pest in Aberdeen is the Seagull, a dead one to be precise. Once the maggots devour the flesh of the bird they crawl off in order to find a place to pupate. Removal of the bird and a spray treatment of the building will sort this problem out.

Oh well,I hope your summer has been as interesting


One of the main concerns of a customer when dealing with rodents, apart from their fear, is that they are usually worried about a smell after the rodent is deceased. I  inform them that in over twenty years of pest control, I can count on one hand the number of problems I have had to deal with.

A pest controller will check the property for any visual signs of a carcase, the majority of the time we will never see them again. Should there be a smell at a later date, we can return with a RODENT DEODORANT , which can come in a liquid or or a pre-impregnated sachet.

Anyway it is better to have the smell than the mouse or rat eating through your wires burning you out of house and home.

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