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I am absolutely delighted to announce that Aberkil are in the final for the TradesAdvisor Awards for two categories. The first being the innovative award and the second for health and safety.

The results will be announced on the 12th June, please keep your fingers crossed for us.

Fast Elimination of Mice

Here at Aberkil we are investing in new type of traps for mice, the emphasis will be on providing a faster elimination of mice on your premises. We will still be providing a backup of using a fast acting rodenticide for mice too. I have found over the years that customers want rid of their mice and they want rid of their mice NOW.

Safe Elimination of Mice

Using our traditional methods used to be a slower process, this was due to health and safety aspects involved with laying poison for mice.For the eradication of mice we are using a fantastic new rodenticide that lowers the body temperature causing the rodent to fall asleep.

Control of Mice

Therefore if you wish to have your mice under control fast and efficiently, call Aberkil on 01224 692152 now.


We had a call out recently for an insect that we have not dealt with for a long time, the Varied Carpet Beetle, such a lovely insect to look at, however not so lovely when they are responsible for eating the fabric in your home.

The adult is 3mm in size, the larvae are hairy and hence they are called the wooly bear.The adult lives for about two weeks, the female will produce approximately 100 eggs and will hide them in cracks and crevices for protection.

As with most pests a good cleaning schedule will help in denying breeding sites and it is also advisable to get rid of any unwanted clothing etc.

Aberkil provide a service spray with a residual and space spray to control Varied Carpet Beetle.

Call 01224 692152 TODAY

Controlling bees can be a bit controversial, some people think that they are protected, however if you look on Scottish Natural Heritages website you will find that they are not on the list of protected species. At aberkil we will not necessary destroy bees if they can be saved.

If you have a live honey bee swarm that lands on your back garden, what I would suggest is to wait to see if they move on, you may also wish to contact a local bee keeper, the Police may have a list of keepers. We have one such bee keeper that we deal with.

Should you have honey bees gaining entry to your house , then this would be a different matter. The bees like to go down chimneys and usually they can enter in to your living room etc, this can be scary for most people.

When we deal with bees we have to stick to a strict code of conduct, one unfortunate pest controller ended up with a £4000 fine from the HSE. It is probably for this reason that many pest control companies no longer deal with bee work.
This can be very distressing for the public who are having an Alfred Hitchcock moment and no one to help them and believe me I have seen them in very distressed states. some of those people then decide to try their own methods of control such as blocking the bee’s entry point, this not a wise move as you will trap the creatures in your home, some try to smoke them out, fire and homes are not a good combination and even hot water has been mentioned, this would result in wet scalded angry bees.

The good news is Aberkil will provide a service to control bees
using a method that will not infringe the code of conduct.

Call 01224 692152 for help with any pest problem.

Wasps are coming in to my house, this is the words that I am hearing over the past few days. The wasps are just starting to build their nests at the moment, it can be hard for me to find them at this time of year, sometimes wasps are dis orientated when they come back to their home and end up in the wrong house.

If this is happening to you, I suggest that you walk around your house and look for wasps entering under slates, around pipes and any other possible entry point. If the wasps are entering the same point on a regular basis, you then may have established that there is a nest in your home. To confirm this, have a look at adjacent properties at the same point of access, who ever has the busiest wasp sightings I would suggest that this would be the true nest,

If you have a wasp nest be sure to call Aberkil on

01224 692152

Image of a wasp

Keep Away From Wasps

Pest Control: Wasps

When summer starts to approach you can tell the weather is getting better by the appearance of wasps. Generally speaking it is only common and German wasps that make a real pain of themselves. Most of the time a wasp won’t cause too much of a nuisance if it is on its own, but you probably won’t want a nest anywhere near (or in!) your home. Unlike bees wasps can sting numerous times and they will attack as a group if they feel threatened.

A Look At Wasps

– Yellow and black striped body
– Generally between 12 and 177mm long
– Have nests under roof spaces and wall cavities where they are less likely to be disturbed
– Mostly seen during warm summer months

Wasps and Control

Here at Aberkil we offer an extensive wasp control service, because dealing with wasps nests are something that should only be done by a professional. A wasp nest might look relatively safe but it probably is house to thousands of wasps and they’re going to be very angry if you disturb them. Our team will come with all the safety equipment needed to get rid of the wasp nest that is causing you so much bother, so the whole process is risk free for you.

We know that if you have a wasp problem in Aberdeen you’ll want someone to come out quickly and deal with it for you – so we promise to get to you in a timely manner to deal with your problem.

Do I Have a wasp Problem?

If you think that you have a wasps nest in your property, then you should try and carefully check to make sure this is the case. Enter the area carefully and look out for a cocoon type of nest. It will have papery walls and look quite thin and fragile. You’ll more than likely see wasps coming and going from this and it could get as large as a football if not treated.

It is important that you do not try to remove the nest yourself because this could result in numerous wasp stings which are going to be nothing but uncomfortable. It is also worth bearing in mind that around 1,000 people a year die of wasp stings so choose the safe option for wasp removal in Aberdeen and call Aberkil rather than take the risk.

CALL the wasp hotline  on  01224 692152   Now   

Image copyright Aberkil

Aberkil has had a few calls lately from clients asking “how do we get rid of starlings from our house, they keep waking us up in the morning”. Well I can fully understand as I recently had to remove starlings from my own house.

STARLINGS are protected
All birds are protected, this is a fact that shocks people when I tell them, especially if they are about to use an air rifle on them. We are allowed to deal with birds under the General Licence obtained from Scottish Natural Heritage. Starlings are not on the licence except for airports, therefore we can only use proofing (sealing) techniques on houses.

If you have a bird problem call the number below

01224 692152


We have decided to go the Flexi Hire route as a trial for Aberkil’s transport needs. This should reduce any down time due to break downs, servicing and MOT’s
It is important that we have reliable vehicles to carry out pest control in Aberdeen and this is the reason we have chosen Northgate Ltd, who have a base in Aberdeen

Chris Dennis Area Representative of Northgate Ltd said “I am delighted that Aberkil have chosen us to be there provider for Flexi Hire vans and hope that this will be the start of a long relationship with Aberkil,


We are carrying out work on a retail canopy so that we can eventually say bye bye birdies, bye bye pigeons in fact. This job has been done in three stages because the client asked for an initial area to be done, they then moved to another area, this was then spiked too, You have guessed it, they then moved on to another part of the canopy.

I would suggest that if you are looking at bird control, you have to look at the bigger picture, pigeons will take advantage of any high level pipes etc for roosting. If birds are using the area for roosting purposes, they will be very persistent in trying to get back to the site. Spikes may not be the answer for every occasion, the gel that Aberkil that has been using has been very successful on ledges and alcoves.

Should you have any problems be sure to give us a call on

01224 692152

I was looking at my pest controller forum today and found that my colleagues in the south of England are receiving several wasp calls, one chap has had five calls already. Pest controllers always get excited at this time of year, we are like ice cream salesman who are forever checking the weather forecast worrying about rainy days.

If you are in your garden getting ready for the spring , I would suggest that you have a look around the gutters, vents and pipes for any wasp activity. if you see a wasp constantly going in to the same position, there is a strong possibility that a wasp is starting to build a nest.

What not to do with a wasp nest!!!
Do not fill the hole
Do not spray with hot water
Do not smoke them out with fire

All of the above will result in one angry wasp.

Should you have a wasp problem be sure to give Aberkil a call on

01224 692152
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