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The phone rang today with regards to bedbugs and since the summer holidays are coming I thought that I would remind about the importance of checking your accommodation wherever you go in the world. Hotels etc are very much aware of the situation regarding bedbugs and will check for them, however accommodation can be  infested very quickly with new guest coming and going. Below are some tips before going on your travels:

  1. Seal your suitcase with suitable materiel, you can get this done at an airport if you wish.
  2. On arrival in your room do not unpack
  3. Pull back the sheets and look for fecal marks on ridge of mattress
  4. Check the bedhead again look for any fecal marks or insects
  5. If you do see anything, report it immediately
  6. If you are happy enough unpack and seal your suitcase once more
  7. Enjoy your holiday

Let’s face nobody likes to talk about this subject, however  over the years I have met many people who have had an added extra to their holiday when they come home. Here is a link to let you know what we are up against.

Pigeons under solar panels

The phone has been ringing lately regarding pigeons getting under solar panels, this can be a real problem as we had one lady where the company refused to come back and deal with a problem she was having with the panels, it was a catch 22, get rid of the birds and we will come back, she had no choice but to get us in to remove the pigeons and seal the panels.

Birds are very sheltered under the panels and this is an ideal area for them to breed. This can cause a lot of pigeon mess in the area and it may build causing a a smell and even insects to appear in the home. they may also damage any of the parts underneath the panels and invalidate the warranty.

So what can we do for you as pest controllers, the good news is that something can be done, Aberkil can mesh off the area to prevent access by the pigeons without any harm to the birds. If you need help to prevent pigeons getting under your solar panels just call


Call 01224 692152

I was reading some news last week about a wasp nest that decided to set up home on an instrument panel of a plane of all places, I just hope it was not in mid air at the time.

It reminded me me of some of the strange places I had seen wasp nests during my time in pest control. the first one I remember was a call out to the Royal Mail where a nest was inside the actual post box , seemingly the postman is still running. Another day we had a call to deal with a massive roll of cable that was going offshore, as soon as the crane moved it there was pandemonium as all the roughy toughy riggers ran for their lives.

My online pest control  friends have let me know of some of the strange places they have seen them, here is a small list:

Inside a curtain in an O.A.P Home

Toilet ceiling, that was in use

On bird netting

The last one that I will mention is an outdoor playhouse, this can be a very dangerous situation, unfortunately it is usually children who find them first. My advice to parents is to check the inside of these houses on a weekly basis, check all around the corners, roof and behind doors. You may choose to tackle this yourself using a spray or dust from a hardware store, however I would suggest using a local pest control service.

Please take care around wasp nests and treat them with respect as they can be nasty if you upset them.



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We are getting our kit ready here at Aberkil for the wasp season, that’s making sure the pumps are working and having a good supply of dust etc. The operators are getting their PPE ready which consists of head and face protection, gloves and beekeeper suit.
this made me search the internet to see what was happening in other areas of the country and according to the Express and Star firefighters were sent to a premises In Walsall to deal with a fire that had been caused by someone trying to smoke them out.

Over the years people have phoned and asked me how to get rid of wasps, after the call some decide that they are going to try to do the job for themselves and in their words “,I am going to smoke em out”. here is a thought, would your insurance cover you?, is it worth the risk for the sake of a few pounds.
Do not phone the fire brigade , phone us first.

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I think I have Bedbugs

These are words that I have heard many times over the years, “I think I have bedbugs” , the majority of the time they surprised to hear that they do not have them. Once  have interrogated them about the size of the supposed bites, if they have seen insects or blood on the sheets, if they answer no to all of these questions, the chances are is that they do not have bedbugs.

Once I have established that you have bedbugs, you then have a bit of work ahead of you. In order to gain control of the bedbug situation, you need to do the following:

Strip the beds

Wash all sheets etc at 60 degrees

Empty all cupboards and drawers etc

Once you have done this we will come in and vacuum all the bedding and cracks and crevices etc

We will then apply a professional insecticide to bedbug harbourages and walking surfaces. dust will also be used n some circumstances.

Aberkil will make another treatment a few weeks after with an alternative insecticide in case of resistance.

A bedbug treatment is usually successful after a 6 week period. Most of the insects will be eliminated after the initial treatment.

I am absolutely delighted to announce that Aberkil are in the final for the TradesAdvisor Awards for two categories. The first being the innovative award and the second for health and safety.

The results will be announced on the 12th June, please keep your fingers crossed for us.

Fast Elimination of Mice

Here at Aberkil we are investing in new type of traps for mice, the emphasis will be on providing a faster elimination of mice on your premises. We will still be providing a backup of using a fast acting rodenticide for mice too. I have found over the years that customers want rid of their mice and they want rid of their mice NOW.

Safe Elimination of Mice

Using our traditional methods used to be a slower process, this was due to health and safety aspects involved with laying poison for mice.For the eradication of mice we are using a fantastic new rodenticide that lowers the body temperature causing the rodent to fall asleep.

Control of Mice

Therefore if you wish to have your mice under control fast and efficiently, call Aberkil on 01224 692152 now.


We had a call out recently for an insect that we have not dealt with for a long time, the Varied Carpet Beetle, such a lovely insect to look at, however not so lovely when they are responsible for eating the fabric in your home.

The adult is 3mm in size, the larvae are hairy and hence they are called the wooly bear.The adult lives for about two weeks, the female will produce approximately 100 eggs and will hide them in cracks and crevices for protection.

As with most pests a good cleaning schedule will help in denying breeding sites and it is also advisable to get rid of any unwanted clothing etc.

Aberkil provide a service spray with a residual and space spray to control Varied Carpet Beetle.

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Controlling bees can be a bit controversial, some people think that they are protected, however if you look on Scottish Natural Heritages website you will find that they are not on the list of protected species. At aberkil we will not necessary destroy bees if they can be saved.

If you have a live honey bee swarm that lands on your back garden, what I would suggest is to wait to see if they move on, you may also wish to contact a local bee keeper, the Police may have a list of keepers. We have one such bee keeper that we deal with.

Should you have honey bees gaining entry to your house , then this would be a different matter. The bees like to go down chimneys and usually they can enter in to your living room etc, this can be scary for most people.

When we deal with bees we have to stick to a strict code of conduct, one unfortunate pest controller ended up with a £4000 fine from the HSE. It is probably for this reason that many pest control companies no longer deal with bee work.
This can be very distressing for the public who are having an Alfred Hitchcock moment and no one to help them and believe me I have seen them in very distressed states. some of those people then decide to try their own methods of control such as blocking the bee’s entry point, this not a wise move as you will trap the creatures in your home, some try to smoke them out, fire and homes are not a good combination and even hot water has been mentioned, this would result in wet scalded angry bees.

The good news is Aberkil will provide a service to control bees
using a method that will not infringe the code of conduct.

Call 01224 692152 for help with any pest problem.

Wasps are coming in to my house, this is the words that I am hearing over the past few days. The wasps are just starting to build their nests at the moment, it can be hard for me to find them at this time of year, sometimes wasps are dis orientated when they come back to their home and end up in the wrong house.

If this is happening to you, I suggest that you walk around your house and look for wasps entering under slates, around pipes and any other possible entry point. If the wasps are entering the same point on a regular basis, you then may have established that there is a nest in your home. To confirm this, have a look at adjacent properties at the same point of access, who ever has the busiest wasp sightings I would suggest that this would be the true nest,

If you have a wasp nest be sure to call Aberkil on

01224 692152